Young Heroes Running Away From Dil Raju

Young Heroes Running Away From Dil Raju

Dil Raju is one of the leading producers of Tollywood Industry. He will produce more on family story and classical romance films. However, with the change in the thinking of films, the latest Dil Raju has changed his decision to make films that are in line with the thinking of the audience.Most of the heroes in Dil Raju’s production are well known in the industry.

Dil Raju is a great film maker who has made great decisions on how to make money outside the cinema and how to take the cinema out of the cinema and how to cash in on it.There is news in Filmnagar that many of the heroes in the industry are avoiding the banner of Dil Raju.

Talk in the industry that Vijay Deverakonda is the first in the line of escape heroes. Dil Raju has been trying to make a film with Vijay Deverakonda ever since.But Vijay is compeletely ignoring Dil Raju. Talk is heard that Nagachaitanya Akkineni is also in the same line by avoiding Dil Raju.