Young Actress Upset?

Young Actress Upset with Star?

This young actress who made her debut this year is super happy. Though her acting skilla aren’t great, she did manage to make her presence felt in her debut flick. Since then, we have seen a flurry of PR activities and a promotional overdrive. But that is not resulting in movie offers. It seems this has left her close ones and her somewhat troubled. After a ‘good response’ for her initial film, she was hoping to sign films left right and centre. However, that is not happening.

According to our inside sources, she is upset that she is not getting enough support from her mentor. The Bollywood star who is known to make careers for people has instead been offering films to another young actress. He shares a very special relationship with the other lady, who is kind of low profile when it comes to PR. The young debutante has been voicing her concerns to those close to her. Well, the filmmaker himself has not had a great year and is busy introspecting about his next projects, which also seem to be dicey prospects.