Yet Another Postponement to Nolan’s Tenet

Yet Another Postponement to Nolan's Tenet

Hollywood filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s next, Tenet was supposed to release on July 17th. The movie was later postponed to July 31st due to the Corona effect. Now, the movie is in for another postponement. August  12th is the new release date.

Initially, Nolan has been adamant about releasing his film as per the schedule. But since cinemas across several countries including India were shutdown forcing a postponement. Leading Hollywood distribution house Warner Bros has confirmed the postponement.

The makers are expecting the cinemas across the globe to be open by August 12th. Tenet will give an idea about how the audience will behave to the new change due to the Coronavirus crisis. Tenet features Hollywood Robert Pattinson, Dimple Kapadia, Nolan’s regular Michael Caine, John David Washington, and Elizabeth Debicki in lead roles.