With Nag’s support, Monal puts the top gear in Bigg Boss

With Nag's support, Monal puts the top gear in Bigg Boss

You hate her or love her, Monal is the most discussed topic in Bigg Boss house. So many do not like the way Bigg Boss is supporting her and is saving from elimination. But things have changed in the last few days.

Nagarjuna has been so supportive of her and has given her a lot of encouragement. Also, Monal is getting saved a lot of times and this has also given her self-confidence. With Akhil playing his own game and ignoring Monal, she has come to know that she is on her own.

So, since the last episode, she has put on top gear and is fighting with everyone. In today’s nominations also, Monal will go all out on Akhil and Avinash as well. Suddenly, with Abhijeet being scolded by Nag, Monal has become quite strong.