Why Mumaith Khan Why?

A cab driver Raju filed a complaint in Cab Drivers Association of Hyderabad alleging that actress Mumaith Khan cheated him by not paying money for the services used and he needs to get 15,000 due from her. He said Mumaith Khan refused to pay him after using a cab for days for her trip to Goa from Hyderabad.

The actress now filed a case against Raju accusing of him blackmailing her even though she cleared all the dues. “Initially, I let him go since he is poor. But he started maligning me and making all sorts of baseless allegations. Hence I have filed a case against him,” she said.

It is unnecessary to have all this mess for a paltry 15,000. She should have resolved it without going to Police and the media. Why Mumaith Khan Why? Mumaith Khan is not acting in any Telugu film right now. She was last seen in Bigg Boss show but it did not help her career in anyways. She has put on weight and is going through a bad phase as well.