Why Allu Arjun Rejected NOTA?


Producer Gnanavel Raj has reportedly approached reigning star Allu Arjun to play the political leader in much-hyped ‘NOTA’ but Bunny rejected the movie.Allu Arjun was okay essaying a fire-brand politico with grey shades but wasn’t sure about the political backdrop. Although he liked the anger-driven script set against a political backdrop, he felt that it may not connect with the Telugu audience since it was harping on clashes between the ‘powers-that-be’ in Tamil Nadu.

“It was loosely inspired by happenings in Tamil Nadu politics but it is mostly a fictional drama and had a wider reach, but even then, Allu Arjun developed second thoughts and gave it up,” the source adds. Eventually, the makers zeroed in on Vijay Devarakanda, who has become a master of ‘grey roles’ these days and the rest is history as the film got the necessary hype in the two Telugu States besides Tamil Nadu, the source concludes.