Who will be that trendsetting producer to release a film now?

Will Telugu Governments Allow 100% Occupancy in Theaters?

The CM KCR has been on a roll like never before. Just in the time of GHMC elections, KCR made so many promises that he will help film workers and small budget films recover their GST taxes. This has made the biggies of the industry very happy and they are praising the CM in a big way.

The Telangana CM also announced that the theatres can open with immediate effect but the occupancy should only be 50%. Now starts a big game of wait and watch as to which producer will dar enough and release his film.

The theatres in the country have been opened for a long time now but not even Hindi producers have dared enough to release a film. So, who will be that one director who will come forward and announce his new Telugu film and that too on a big screen. If he does that, the producer will surely become a trendsetter.