Which Areas of Hyderabad Are Worst Hit by Corona?

Clarity on Lockdown in Hyderabad

70-80% of the cases registered in Telangana are in the GHMC region. In the meantime, no cases were reported from the rest of the districts. However, since the GHMC region is the most densely populated area, people are very concerned about this development.

However, the problem is intense mainly in some areas. In these areas, in many cases, entire families had to shift to the hospitals. The majority of containment zones are located in these areas. The largest number of cases were in Malakpet, Saroornagar, LB Nagar, Hayathnagar, Jiyaguda, Mangalhat and Asifnagar.

Almost 500 positive cases were reported in the seven areas and with twenty-five people dead. Another remarkable thing is that in these areas, there were more violations during the lockdown. The people of these areas are paying price for that indiscipline.