Was Sushanth addicted to drugs -Latest story here

Bollywood Trying to Escape By Tarnishing Sushant's Image?

Sushanth Singh has been in the news more than the COVID cases these days. With so much coming out every single day, social media is abuzz with so much news about the actor.

In an interview, Sushanth’s housekeeper Neeraj has alleged that Suhanth used to smoke weed with his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborthy. In other news, there is a shocking update that a drug peddler from Dubai met Sushanth on the day he died at his residence.

All this gives new angle to the case and many ask was Sushanth into drugs? if no why all these news articles are coming out one after the other. Only CBI can handle all this and give a clear picture in the days to come.