Vijay Devarakonda ignoring Mehreen for this reason

When there is Vijay Devarakonda in a film, no one bothers to look at who is beside him as he draws all the attention to himself. His new film NOTA’s trailer proved the fact that he is the whole and sole selling face of the film. As the film is being sold on Vijay’s name, heroine Mehreen is being ignored which has not gone well with the young starlet.

She is not being informed about the promotions or she is anywhere seen in the promotional material. The logic behind this is that Vijay wants to sell this film on his name to test out the luck in Tamil where the film is set and is expected to open big. Mehrene’s team says that if the film clicks, Mehere will get a free hit or if falls flat the responsibility will fall on Vijay’s hands which she will be happy about.