Vakeel Saab Pre-Release Event Maybe A Super Spreader for COVID-19?

Vakeel Saab Theaters Seized in Odisha

The other day, Nivetha Thomas took to Twitter and announced testing positive to the COVID-19. She has asked all those who came into contact with her to get tested and stay isolated. The actress has been in Hyderabad for the last few days and is aggressively promoting Vakeel Saab.

Naturally, the entire team of Vakeel Saab should be going into isolation but they are attending a massive public function tonight in Shilpa Kala Vedhika. The team just said every one of them has been tested and arrived negative. But medical experts say they are erring. 

“The virus can surface anytime between two to seven days. Tests can always detect the virus late. They should isolate themselves at least for a week. All of them who have come in contact with Nivetha can be spreaders and this event can be a super spreader,” they say. They demand that the event should be canceled immediately.