Vakeel Saab leak-Dil Raju furious but Pawan least bothered

Dil Raju repenting on his decision to work with Pawan Kalyan?

Yesterday, the internet and fans were very busy sharing a leaked video of Pawan’s new film, Vakeel Saab. The video got leaked from the editing room where a courtroom scene is being enacted.

This leak has left Dil Raju furious and has made him take severe action against the team. The clip also showed a noted heroine who was kept under the wraps to date. All this, Dil Raju did not approve and warned his team to be safe.

But the inside info is that when Pawan Kalyan knew this news, he was quite cool about it and did not say anything. Sources in his team say that Pawan is of the idea that suck leaks won’t harm the film and will instead create a hype in the fans and media.