Vakeel Saab Actress’s Irresponsible Behavior

Vakeel Saab Actress's Irresponsible Behavior

Six days ago, Nivetha Thomas has announced that she has been tested positive for Coronavirus. She took a break from the film promotions and went into isolation. But then, she posted some pictures of watching Vakeel Saab in a film theater.

This has attracted a lot of criticism as she did not finish the mandatory fourteen days isolation. Netizens are criticizing her attitude as irresponsible towards the safety of the audience and fans in that theater. The actress is yet to respond to the criticism. 

Nivetha Thomas played one of the three girls who found themselves in a legal battle in Vakeel Saab. Her performance got decent applause in the movie. Anjali and Ananya Nagalla are the other two. Shruti Hassan is the heroine beside Pawan Kalyan.