Vaitla’s Range Falling with Every Film

Vaitla's Range Falling with Every Film

Srinu Vaitla who is a star director once is slowly slipping into Lower Grades. His career turned topsy-turvy after the disastrous result of Bruce Lee and his last film, Amar Akbar Anthony also ended up as a big disaster. With no one to his rescue, Vaitla recently met Bellamkonda Sreenivas and narrated a script to him.

Bellamkonda who recently bagged a hit with Rakshasudu is also cautious and is yet to give a nod to Vaitla. The director’s future will depend on this project. At the same time, Vaitla is known for having no control over the film budget which is very risky for a small hero like Bellamkonda. So, the young hero is taking time to decide.