Upasana’s heartfelt wishes for Mr. C


More than Ram Charan, Upasana loves the social media and often keeps posting pictures of her and Ram Charan. As the mega power star completes 11 years in the industry, Upsi sent a heartfelt message for her Mr. C through a twitter. Upasana said “Mr.C my love as u complete 11 years in the profession u love..let me tell u that I love the way u have handled fame, success and a few failures with equal humility and grace. I learn and take shelter in your love and strength. Excited to share the next 11 with u.”.

Upasana has been accompanying Charan to all his shoots these days and has been in awe of her husband. This tweet of her has made the fans happy who are trending this tag on the social media with zeal and interest.