Trivikram making due plans to take Ram’s film on floors

Trivikram making due plans to take Ram's film on floors

Trivikram has used the lockdown in the best way possible and has readied multiple stories is the talk in the media. One story is set for NTR and as the star hero is yet to wrap up his film RRR, Trivikram went and met a few heros for a project.

There was news that Trivikram narrated a project to hero Ram and the latter was more than welcome to do that film. The inside info is that Trivikram is making due plans to take the film on floors by the end of this year itself.

The news also is that Trivikram wants to finish this film within record time and release it for summer 2021 and then get back to NTR’s film. He is in talks with a few new producers who can take this film on the floors. Only time will tell when this film will go on floors as of now.