Top Telugu Hero harassed me: Journalist Sri Vidya


The Me Too movement has hit Tollywood, finally. Till yesterday, no big Tolly name was accused of sexual harassment. But not any longer. Sri Vidya, a print media journalist working for an English-language daily, has taken to Facebook to expose a Telugu star with “cult fan following”. She has not named him out of fear!

In a long post, Sri Vidya writes that she had met the Telugu star two years back at a party. This star got friendly with her and even took her number during the party. While saving her number, the actor joked that he is doing it in her mobile meant for girlfriends. Sri Vidya, who was a cub reporter back then, felt very proud to be in the contact list of a big star like him. This happened in the presence of his friends.

But she was not prepared for the actor’s bad behaviour. “Days later he called me “just like that” and engaged in a conversation. He asked me where I lived and insisted on coming and meeting. He changed his mind when he found I live quite far away. I know I would have been much more curt and upfront with anyone else. It wasn’t much but it was strange and scary. When you are a woman meeting hundreds of people every day, you know creepy from a mile away. I was scared but I brushed it off. I then once called him for a quote on a story and he asked me to come meet him at his guest house that evening so we could do “the interview”. I never went. And never called again,” Sri Vidya writes.

He called her up once again a few months later. This time, Sri Vidya told the actor that she was going to get married in a couple of days. Since then, he hasn’t called her up.

“He is an influential person. I thought no one would believe me. I thought he would get me killed. I actually, seriously thought if I blocked him, he would find out somehow and kill me. I thought his fans would maul me. I was afraid. Despite all the progressiveness I boast of, I am still afraid. People who know me closely, know who I am talking about and have also heard the recordings (which I lost with a damaged phone). Please don’t name him here, because I am indeed still afraid, particularly of his cult fans,” the journo, who has done a few short-films as an actress, says.

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