Title and heroine locked for Balayya-Boyapati film?

Balayya Going to Karnataka for #BB3

Balakrishna is doing a film with Boyapati Sreenu and the first look teaser made the fans very happy. The hunt for the heroine is on from the last two months and fans were waiting for the names of these stars.

The word from our sources is that one of the heroines of the film has been locked as of now. What is more special is that the title of the film has also been set and Boyapati is looking for the right time to make official announcements. As the time is not right, they are just waiting for the Corona situation to go down.

Balayya will be seen in two looks in this film which will have a heavy-duty action-filled flashback. The film is the third in the combination of Balayya and Boyapati and fans are excited to see what is in store for them to see.