Three Fans Killed While Erecting Pawan Kalyan BDay Flex

Pawan Kalyan asking bounded scripts from his directors?

September 2nd is the Birthday of Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and needless to say, it is a festival for the fans. But the Birthday Celebrations have killed Three fans and left another two battling for their lives. The incident has happened in Shanthipuram, Chittoor district.

Five fans of the actor were trying to erect a Twenty Five feet Flex and all of sudden, an electric cable feel on them. Three were killed on the spot and the remaining two were previously injured. Their condition is said to be serious and they were admitted to a local hospital.

There is a sense of gloom in Mega fans over this development. Janasena Party is reportedly taking stock of the situation and will reach out to the affected families very soon. On the other hand, various updates of Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming Projects will be unveiled Tomorrow as the Birthday Special.