This man behind Nishabdham’s OTT release?

This man behind Nishabdham's OTT release?

Puri Jagan is the director who launched Anushka Shetty into films with Super and now, Anushka is the number one heroine in the industry even after all these years and is ready with her new film Nishabdham that will be out soon.

The inside info is that Puri Jagan is the one who suggested producers Kona Venkat and others to release Nishabdham on the OTT platform. The talk is that Puri watched the film in a special screening and made key suggestions in the film’s scenes and editing process.

As the makers were also in plans to launch the film on the OTT platform, he also told that it is a good idea to do that during this crunch Corona time and they do if they get a solid deal as the film does not have the power to sustain the audience in the theaters.