This is why Venky Mama’s budget went overboard

This is why Venky Mama's budget went overboard

Venky Mama released today to very good occupancy in both the Telugu states. The first half of the film quite entertaining whereas the second half went for a toss. Many know that the film went over budget and all this happened because of the Kashmir episode which went over schedule and over budget. The inside info is that all this happened only because of Rana.

As he fell sick, the entire Suresh Babu family went for the US and left the responsibility to People’s media factory who could not manage and took the film haywire. That is also the reason, the film was delayed a lot as Suresh Babu did a lot of corrections and stuff. The film’s pre-release business has been done for 30 crores and we need to see if the film makes that kind of money or not.

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