Theaters to reopen-Tollywood making big plans for Dusshera

No More Relief for Theater Owners in Unlock6

The theatres in the country have been closed for over three months now and made many get into deep pain and lose a lot of livelihoods. There is a talk going on that the theaters will reopen at least from the month of August.

So, this news has given all the producers a new lease of life. So, their target has now become the lucrative season of Dusshera which comes in the month of October. Even though the theaters will open in August, the makers want to see how small films will fare at the box office first, and then release their films for Dusshera.

Makers of big films like Solo Bratuke So Btteru, V, Uppena, Sreekaram, Love Story, and many such films are gearing up to release their films during the Dusshera time. This will be a superb time for release as the crowds have gone mad staying at home and want to visit the theatres once the cases go down.