The Family Man 2 Directors’ Next in Telugu: Cinema Bandi

The Family Man 2 Directors' Next in Telugu: Cinema Bandi

Telugu native Bollywood Directors Raj and DK are currently awaiting the release of their fame, The Family Man 2. They are now producing a Telugu film, Cinema Bandi which will release directly on Netflix on May 14th. They are introducing a new director Praveen Kandregula with this movie.

The movie is about an auto driver who wants to make a film with his friends with an expensive camera left behind in his auto. The trailer is out and it sounds natural and funny. Everything from the actors to the locations is so relatable. It looks like Raj and DK have a winner and it should come as a relief for the audience in this pandemic when there are no entertainment options. 

On the other side, The Family Man 2 which was supposed to release this February got postponed indefinitely. It is said that the web series would release in this Summer but there is no official announcement yet. Samantha Akkineni is playing a crucial role in this.