Thanks to Chinmayi-Manmadhudu 2 getting more negative feedback

Chinmayi is a popular celebrity on social media who voices her opinion for every reason. She created a sensation with the Metoo movement and has a say about many things that happen in films.

When the trailer of Manmadhudu2 came out, she was trolled heavily for her double standards and not talking anything about women in the film which was directed by her husband Rahul.

Now that the film is out and is being trolled for the over the top smooching scene, many in the social media have started attacking Chinmayi in a strong manner.

Generally, Rahul has a good following but he is seeing flack more than what his film is deserving. Many in social media have taken down the film and seeing this, industry insiders say that one of the reasons for this heavy trolling is Chinmayi otherwise things would not have been that bad for the film.