Thaman’s Dream Come True for Pawan Kalyan

Thaman Excited About Pawan Kalyan's Appreciation

Janasena Party is planning Kavathu, a rally that Pawan Kalyan has planned to hold in Rajamundry on October 15. The party has taken the rally very seriously and wants to take it as a display of strength. The party is releasing a song on this occasion. Thaman is composing ‘Pada Pada Merupula Pada’, a song for ‘Kavathu’. The lyrics of the song were written by Sri Ramajogayya Sastri.

Thaman never composed music for any film of Pawan Kalyan. The young musician always wanted to work with Pawan Kalyan and finally, his dream came through with this. Pawan Kalyan also has heaped high praise on Thaman. He mentioned that Thaman did a splendid job on one of his early hits ‘Khushi’ – Yeh Mera Jaha.

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