Telugu People Trolling Sye Raa Fake Collections

Telugu People Trolling Sye Raa Fake Collections

From the day of the release, there is so much discussion going on about the collections of Sye Raa. So many media handles have been quoting their own figures on a daily basis. Some say that the film is one of the biggest hits of TFI and some say the makers are faking collections.

But in all this, anti mega fans are having the last laugh as they have been trolling the collections and have been having verbal arguments on the social media about Sye Raa’s actual collections. The film has surely crossed the 100 crore mark worldwide and how much it is exactly known only to a certain few.

So, the anti-fans are making several memes about the collections and are having a ball. On the other hand, the makers have not disclosed the collections at all which is creating even more confusion. The pre-release business is done on a massive note and the film is surely a bit far away from being in a safe zone in several areas.