Tejaswi Madivada becomes the most hated

Tejasiwi Madivada, the once popular actress fizzed out without any offers in Telugu and finally took to Bigg Boss show. There too, she overacted and got hatred from all quarters. She was the one who started hatred towards Kaushal and made everyone joined her. Teju was so problematic that she had problems with even Geetha Madhuri at the beginning and even fought with her.
One day before the finale, Teju put up a post on Instagram saying that Bigg Boss finale tomorrow but who cares. This is clearly against Kaushal as she knows that he will undoubtedly be the winner. This post of her has got hatred like never before and whatever impression was left about her was also ruined. The only solace for her was that she has got down from doing films to the TV which shows her sad state in her career.