Tamil Industry shaking because of Singer Chinmayi

Tamil Industry shaking because of Singer Chinmayi

The ‘Metoo’ movement has India like a wave. With so many heroines revealing names of those who have harassed them, many have gone into shock knowing the names of so-called big heads who have done all this behind closed doors.

Singer Chinmayi is the torchbearer in the south and has been revealing names of famous lyricists like Vairamuthu who have harassed her. Even her husband, Rahul Ravindran, who is always active on social media has gone silent.

The scene in Chennai is such that all the big heroes and other key men are shaking as to whose name will be revealed by a heroine or a junior artist. Compromising for work is a common practice in the industry. While some have made careers out of it, there are others also who have struggled to get over it.

So, Chinmayi is the new Suchi leaks of Tamil Nadu and we need to see whose name comes out next.

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