Tamannah reveals why she skipped Seetimaarr’s promotions

Tamannah reveals why she skipped Seetimaarr's promotions

Tamannah made her presence felt at two events yesterday. It was the pre-release event of Maestro where she plays a key role. Also, she attended the success party of Seetimaarr.

When asked about why she did not appear in any of the Seetimaarr promotions, she said “My heart and my spirit were there for all the promotions. I couldn’t attend the events personally due to hectic schedules and the pandemic. But this film always remains special to me. I’m happy to meet and share this success with you all tonight,” 

Tamannah played Jwala Reddy in the film and her role was quite popular along with the song. Now, she is also doing a negative role in Maestro and we need to see how she does it.