Talk- Rajini will be the Pawan Kalyan of Tamil Nadu politics?

Rumors Rife about Rajinikanth's Party Name and Symbol

Yes, this is what the local people in Tamil circles say as of now. Rajnikanth finally said that he will announce his political party on the 31st of December. Since then, so many weird reactions are coming in one after the other.

Many say that Rajinikanth has delayed his entry a lot and at this age of 70 he cannot do much. Also, as he is not a Tamil guy, the local factor is also not working for him says another person. But one of the noted business people from the Telugu community who are settled in Tamil Nadu says that Rajinikanth will be one more Pawan Kalyan in Tamil Nadu.

So many will come for his rallies and support him on social media but none will vote for the party. Rajini will not create any effect whatsoever apart from dividing the votes say the locals. So, only time will tell how well will Rajinikanth operate in Tamil Nadu.