Talk- Bigg Boss 4 disappoints so far

Makers of Bigg Boss 4 creating rifts for TRP

Social media is filled with messages that will not be liked by the makers of Star Maa. Their biggest show, Bigg Boss has faltered in a big way and the talk is that the show will also see a low TRP rating this season.

Firstly, the show is not at all interesting, and upon that, the contestants so depressing is the talk. There is no glamor show, big stars and moreover any controversial people who will make up the show in an interesting manner.

Twitter is filled with messages saying that so far the episodes are not gripping and no masala has been added. Also, the new contestants that will join the show will also not able to put up any spice is the talk. When many were free and trying to have some during this crunch COVID time, Bigg has let many down.