Suresh Babu’s slams reports about his new OTT platform

Suresh Babu Not in Favour of Opening Theaters

The OTT wave has hit the nation in a really big way. A number of producers have started launching their OTT platforms and in Telugu, Allu Aravind did it with AHA, which is slowly but steadily making its way on the popularity chart.

Apart from this, talks have been going on that noted producer, Suresh Babu is also launching his own OTT platform soon and is making full plans for it. But Suresh Babu has responded now and says that all the reports are just fake.

Suresh Babu in an interview says that the times are so difficult now that there is no chance for him to launch an OTT platform and he does not have that kind of money. The only thing he can do is to release his pending films as of now once the Corona wave gets over.