Suresh Babu’s Master Plan to Avoid Pressure

Suresh Babu's Master Plan to Avoid Pressure

Ever since Suresh Babu informed the trade about the decision to release Venky Mama for Sankranthi, the rest of the Sankranthi releases are worried about the impending theaters’ crunch. However, Suresh Babu did not announce the release plan officially keeping the speculations rife. There is pressure from Sankranthi biggies on Suresh Babu to postpone the film.

To escape the pressure, Suresh Babu gave a leak that there are VFX Problems for Venky Mama and the movie may be forced to delay. Whenever someone asks Suresh Babu to postpone the film, he will just say that he can not release before Sankranthi due to these VFX Problems. Intelligent Plan, Isn’t it?

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