Sudheer Babu commits same mistake again

How Sudheer Babu Played Police Role To Perfection

Sudheer Babu made his Hindi debut with the film Baaghi. The film went on to become a solid hit and gave many offers to Sudheer Babu who rejected many of them owing to his Telugu career.

Now, he has done the same mistake once again as he has let go of the opportunity to act in the biggest Hindi film Brahmastra which is being made by Karan Johar.  The logic behind this is that as Sudheer’s Pullela Gopichand biopic is coming in 2020, Brahmastra was also releasing at the same time. So Sudheer decided that he should not have a bad image which will be created with Brahmastra and left the offer.

Well, how costly is this mistake going to be? When star heroes are just dying to get a small role in Karan Johar production, here is a hero who has rejected an offer from him. What else can we say about Sudheer ‘Babuuu’.