Sudheer Babu Becomes Surprise Package of V

Sudheer Babu rejected this Bollywood biggie because of his commitments

Natural Star Nani and Sudheer Babu’s V trailer got released the other day and it raced over Ten Million Views in no times. Expectations are high on the movie which is going to release directly online in Amazon Prime Video on September 5th.

The major surprise in V is Sudheer Babu whose role seems to be equally good. His portrayal of the Police Character, his well-chieseled body, and dialogue delivery is impressive. It is hard for any actor to steal the thunder with someone like Nani at the other end but Sudheer Babu did that effortlessly.

The actor has improved leaps and bounds when compared to his first film, SMS. Sudheer Babu came a long way after his previous film with Indraganti, Sammohanam and it looks like he is all set for another big break of his career. He seems to be carefully planning his career one step after the other.