Still NTR Holds Record in Asian Film Festival

Still NTR Holds Record in Asian Film Festival

There are many film festivals in the country. The film is being screened at the Film Festival, which is a great thing. Being selected for screening at a film film festival is not a normal thing. There are many film festivals, not only nationally but also internationally. One of those is the Bucheon Film Festival.

The film festival will be held every year in South Korea. The festival will feature some of the best movies from Asia. However, for the year 2017, Young Tiher NTR’s Jai Lava Kusa has been shown at the festival. There is a reason for this. NTR has done a triple role in Jai Lava Kusa. What’s more .. Three variants of the three characters have been shown. That is why the film was selected from India for the year 2017. Jaivalakusha was the only Telugu film to be screened at that film festival.

Gullyboy has been shortlisted from Bollywood for the year 2018. There are many good films in coming in telugu,but still they are not been selected by film festival. It is remarkable that the tarak record is still in this film festival.