Sreesanth Threatens To Hit Romil Choudhary


Not even a month has passed since the airing of one of the most controversial reality shows on TV Bigg Boss, and the frequent tiffs have already intensified the heat quotient in the house and have taken it to shocking levels.

Someone who is grabbing all the attention over fights is none other than the former cricketer Sreesanth.

Once again Sreesanth will get into an ugly fight with Romil Choudhary.

Viewers will get to see a massive argument between Sreesanth and Romil over some discussion on Cricket. Sreesanth seems to be instigating the fight with Romil and the lawyer also defends himself. He looks in a bad mood and walks straight away in the bathroom area where he talks to fellow contestants as to how he would not spare Romil and will make sure to hit him before he leaves the show.