Sonu Sood’s latest book gets trolled

Sonu Sood's latest book gets trolled

Sonu Sood was in the news for his good deeds during the lockdown period and he was considered as a GOD for many in the country. So, he has put up all his experiences in the form of a book now which is out.

Not surprisingly, his autobiography which released last week by Amazon is being attacked by a section of social media and many trolls are coming out one after the other that has hurt fans of Sonu. Trollers are using some very harsh words Sonu is doing all this only for publicity and enter politics. 

Speaking about the same, he says  “I always ignore the negativity. It is the only way to keep moving forward do the work I believe in. I believe I’ve been sent to this earth with and for a purpose. I will continue my work. Being called a messiah or being trolled for being called a messiah are not my concern.”