Sonu comes to the rescue again

Covid 19- Sood Sonu comes to the rescue again

Sonu Sood on Wednesday took the vaccine for Covid-19 prevention at a hospital in Amritsar, Punjab. The actor also launched Sanjeevani: A Shot of Life, an initiative to encourage people to get vaccinated and raise awareness.

Speaking about the same, Sonu said, “I wanted to start this drive because I feel it is very important to bring that awareness among people who are still thinking whether they should get vaccinated or not. Family members should push their elder ones, people who are eligible to get vaccinated. It will only help them survive the times we are facing in the near future.”

Right from the time, Covid has caused havoc, Sonu has done his bit for the public. Now, he is gone a step ahead and has been bringing in so many measures one after the other.