Solo Brathuke So Better Exhibitors and Distributors Turns Greedy

Solo Bratuke So Better makes a solid day one collection

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej’s Solo Brathuke So Better released today. This is the first notable film released in Telugu after the Pandemic. The reception of the audience is good despite the challenges. However, some theater owners especially those of B and C centers are likely to get the theaters closed with their greed.

Many have flouted the 50% occupancy rule which is in place to control the COVID-19 spread. They can potentially become a dangerous breeding ground for the contagious virus. As the movie got a decent talk, the distributor of Uttarandhra is hiking the ticket prices from tomorrow. 

At the time when the audience needs to be encouraged to come to the theaters, they are trying to mint money which may prove to be counterproductive. This is still the first day and the movie has a long way to go. The distributors and exhibitors should keep that in mind before becoming greedy.