Sohel and Akhil dancing to Monal’s tunes in Bigg Boss

Sohel and Akhil dancing to Monal's tunes in Bigg Boss

This is what the latest update from the TV circles is being heard for the last few days. Monal has been in the show only for one reason and it is her glamor and romantic angle with Akhil and Abhijeet.

But there were so many times that Bigg Boss saved her and pushed out some of the noted faces like Mehbood, Lasya, and Amma Rajasekhar. But this time, things look tough for Monal as Arina has suddenly become strong thanks to Sohel’s fight with her. 

Monal has been playing good mind games and making use of Sohel and Akhil in a big way. The manner in which they play like a team is not going well with the audience. The other day, even Harika felt the same and was seen saying it to Abhijeet. So, how long will Monal sustain in the show will be known soon?