Singer Chinmayi About Tamil Reviewer Sexual Harrasment


Chinmayi Sripaada is an Indian playback singer, working mainly for the South Indian film Industry. She is also a voice actor, television presenter and radio jockey. She is the founder and CEO of a translation services company called Blue Elephant.

Now she has posted a bizarre tweet in which she accuses the Tamil movie reviewer Prashanth known as itisprashanth for online flirting with random ladies. Prashanth is a well known reviewer in Kollywood and he has more audience in other countries as well.

As far as Chinamyi’s tweets are concerned it is revealed that he is flirting with random ladies. Chinmayi wrote “I am having some messages shared and the names will be blocked out. I can imagine how traumatic it can be. If you want to share your story anonymously please slide into my DMs. Girl asks him how his wife is; he responds saying ‘you re my long time love, dont mistake me’”.

She asked for many more women to come forward and talk about such creeps. A famous online reviewer and journalist is said to be doing similar things for many years. He has been taking phone numbers and harassing women it seems.

Well, the girl wants to come out in open soon and release all the details it seems. Well, even reviewers and journalists are trying to use their popularity for malicious activities? That’s really creepy.