Siddharth’s shocking revelation in Maha Samudram’s second half

Siddharth's shocking revelation in Maha Samudram's second half

Ajay Bhupathi is a director with immense talent and he proved that with his debut film RX100 which was a rage at the box office and gave big careers to Karthikeya and Payal Rajput.

After a gap of three years, he has finally started his second film Maha Samudram. The film has Sharwa and Siddharth as the main leads. The film will be made on a large scale and the shoot is on in Goa as of now.  We have come to know that Siddharth is playing a role with negative touch in the film. 

But there will also be a twist to that which will be revealed in the second half as per the update. Siddharth will have a crazy revelation as per the news. Sharwa also has a dark role and both the actors are shooting for their crazy scenes in Goa as of now.