Shocking – Bigg Boss Monal rejecting solid offers

Shocking - Bigg Boss Monal rejecting solid offers

Monal Gajjar, the Gujarati beauty was not having any big offers in her kitty and so chose Bigg Boss to make a comeback of sorts in the film business. Well, looks like the first step towards fame happened perfectly for Monal as she won good popularity. 

During the launch of the show, Monal said that she is a very emotional person and takes decisions by heart. So, she did the same and okayed an item song in Alludu Adhurs. The song was a hit and now Monal is being approached for so many special songs.

But the fact of the matter here is that she is not interested much in these songs and is rejecting back to back song offers. She does not want to have the image of an item girl as per the latest update in the industry. But this is a big offer and wanted to see how she will handle fame from here on.