Shankar Jealous of Rajamouli?


Tollywood’s Most Successful director SS Rajamouli is the Most Popular Brand across the nation now with the blockbuster result of his magnum opus film, Baahubali Series.Before Rajamouli, Shankar is the only director from the South who drew the attention of the country but not to the extent of Rajamouli.

In a recent interview to a national channel, director Shankar didn’t take the name of ‘Baahubali’ even when the interviewer asked him two questions mentioning the Rajamouli magnum opus. Like ‘Baahubali’, ‘2.0’ is a pride of regional cinema.

Shankar smartly skipping ‘Baahubali’ has not gone down well with many. They are opining that the Kollywood director is jealous of Rajamouli. But there is another way of explaining Shankar’s silence.

‘2.0’ is a Rs. 543 crore magnum opus. When you make such a massively expensive movie, you will not like it to be juxtaposed with a lesser (in terms of budget) movie. So, Shankar said, “I think ‘2.0’ will increase the market for southern movies”. He indirectly suggested that it will be better than the Rajamouli franchise movies in that respect. .

If Shankar glorifies ‘Baahubali’ at this point of time, it would psychologically affect the aura around ‘2.0’. Moreover, ‘2.0’ is a Rajinikanth movie. The director of a Rajini movie would be hurting the ego of the actor’s die-hard fans if were to speak highly of ‘Baahubali’ just weeks before the release of ‘2.0’.