Serious threat to Nani’s Devadas

Wherever you go these days, there is only one discussion and that is about the TV show Bigg Boss. The reality show is in limelight because of a contestant named Kaushal who is a small-time TV actor.

In just a few months, Kaushal has managed to receive unprecedented following and his fans are targeting all those who go against him in the show. A Kaushal army has been formed and they are targeting the host Nani also for being biased against Kaushal.

Things have come to a stage that the Kushal army has threated to boycott Nani’s latest film Deva Das if he does not deal with other contestants on the show who are targeting Kaushal in a harsh manner.

So today and tomorrow’s shows will be setting the TRP’s high and if this stand,¬†taken by Kaushal army really damages Nani’s film or not. We need to wait and watch.