Secret Revealed- Vijay Deverakonda’s plan to promote TRS


By now, it is not rocket science to find out that happening actor, Vijay Deverakonda is very close to the CM KCR and has been seen hanging out many times with KTR and his other family members. Today, in one of his promotions, he clearly stated that he will be voting for the TRS party and he did the same last year as well.

The inside talk says that Vijay is doing all this knowingly under the shadow of his political film NOTA which is releasing tomorrow. Vijay is clearly bashing all the political parties and highlighting TRS is his clear plan and he has done the same today as he knew that everyone would write about it and give free publicity. As the elections season is approaching in Telangana, Vijay is one of the ways from the TRS to promote their party in their own style.