Sai Tej’s Republic makes a strong impact on OTT

Sai Tej's Republic makes a strong impact on OTT

Republic’ has come in the combination of Supreme Hero Sai tej and versatile director Deva Katta. It raises questions about the role of officials in a democracy and what the public is supposed to do. It’s a socially aware and conscientious movie. When it was released in theatres, it became a  hit. 

Those who couldn’t watch it in theatres due to the fear of the coronavirus have been watching the movie with great enthusiasm on ZEE5, giving the streaming giant a record-breaking moment. They are saying that ‘Republic’ is not a movie but a movement.

‘Republic’, which started streaming on ZEE5 on November 26, has become the biggest blockbuster in the career of Sai Tej. Since then, it has been trending on social media. The audience are appreciating the efforts put in by ZEE5 to bring out the director’s commentary version. 

This is the first time in India that a movie has come out with the director’s enlightening version. The Deva Katta-directed movie has successfully clocked a marvelous 12 crore viewing minutes in just seven days. This is a massive record. In the past, Sai Tej’s ‘Solo Bratuke So Better’ was also released on ZEE5.