Sai Pallavi’s attitude problems re-surface once again

Sai Pallavi Regrets For Her Huge Mistake

Sai Pallavi is a big star and commands big respect among the film circles as she is a star performer. She is getting a lot of offers and is busy rejecting them time and again. Sai Pallavi is a star performer and whenever she does a film, she eats away the hero of the movie with her performance.

Now, she is acting in a film called Love Story which has Chay as the main lead. The film is being directed by Shekhar Kammula and now the scene is that she has a powerful role once again. But that is not the topic as of now as the discussion is something else and it is about her attitude while signing films.

The inside info is that Sai Pallavi is keeping the young directors in the waiting. The scene is such that whenever a director approaches her with a script, she says that she like it but never gets back to the director again. She does not even say no to them and keeps them hanging. When the poor directors approach her once again, she does not say no and tells them to wait. This attitude of her is giving nightmares to the makers now.

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