RX 100 Gets A Bumper Offer from Bollywood

p>Small Film, RX 100 was a blockbuster in Telugu. The Tamil Remake of the film is already announced with Aadhi Pinnisetty and the other day, Producer DS Rao announced the Kannada Remake of the film but is yet to announce the lead role. And now, it is emerging that the Hindi rights have been snapped for a whopping 1.5 Crores.

Noted Hindi producer Sajid Nadiadwala bagged the rights by paying the hefty price and he is now looking to remake the film with popular Bollywood artists. RX 100 Worldwide theatricals are valued at 2.5 Crore and the movie made a whopping 12.5 Crore Share across the globe leaving everyone in the trade with heavy profits. The makers have made even further profits from the sale of satellite and digital rights. And now, these remake rights.